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Sandy Beach

~ Welcome to Golden Reiki ~

The Japanese technique of Energy Healing developed by Mikao Usui which promotes a beautifully calm and peaceful Countenance.  


It can be used on adults, children, the elderly and even animals...

Head Massage

My Purpose

To Empower and Heal

My mission is dedicated to Mikau Usui who set down the five spiritual principles of Reiki. I will be a clear channel for Reiki energy to pass through me and will endevour to ensure that each and every client will leave my treatment room feeling uplifted. Through a variety of alternative treatments and approaches, I unlock the potential of self-healing in each patient, sometimes resulting in improvements from the very first session. Trust my hands, trust your ability to heal and allow yourself to feel better than you ever imagined possible. Contact me for more information.

The Services include

Soap Bars

Reiki Benefits

  • Bridges the gap between holistic and western medicines

  • It's a safe and nurturing atmosphere

  • It provides a beautiful sense of release and calm over the body, mind and spirit

  • Reiki accelerates the body's ability to heal itself non invasively

  • Ask about how It is also widely accepted that Reiki can be given and received equally effectively via distant healing

Thank You

Thank you for visiting my site and I really hope it has given you an insight into Reiki and the additional treatments available to you. If you have decided to book a treatment then I look forward to meeting you soon, if my treatments are not what you are looking for at this time then I wish you well on your way with the hope you find the perfect treatment for you as we all deserve to feel loved and cherished. 

Sending you all much love and light.  Sharon 

Charitable Donation

I wholeheartedly believe that I have been blessed learning reiki and all the benefits that come with it, being able to help others who may not be so fortunate is so important and that is why for every treatment purchased I will donate £5 to my chosen charity Plymouth Foodbank. I had the pleasure of helping out in a charitable capacity some years ago and their commitment and generosity of heart in helping others in desperate times touched me deeply.

£5 Donation to Plymouth Foodbank

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