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Christmas Joy

It is coming up to that time of the year again, we start rushing around trying to search for the perfect gift for each person on our Christmas list, we trudge around the shops, we surf the internet from site to site comparing prices and product value whilst juggling our day to day tasks. We can start to feel stressed trying to make everything perfect.

I read an article recently that was so true and poignant but very few of us will take up the advice, it basically advised to stop trying to buy bigger and better presents each year. Sit down and think about that person and what makes them happy, when do you see them laughing wholeheartedly or giggling with mischief, this is most likely when you are with them, spending time together, laughing, dancing, eating and possibly supporting them in times of need.

We do not always need expensive gifts to be happy, The thing we need most is human contact. How would it feel to arrange to spend time with each one of those people on your list. Perhaps a leisurely visit with no time constraints so you can enjoy one another's company however that may be. A walk along the coast or an afternoon tea sat by your fire with your homemade treats to share whilst catching up on each others news. An afternoon swim, an evening sharing a glass of wine and putting the world to rights.

We all strive to be perfect but those who love us would i am sure prefer our time with them, i know i would.

I wish you all a peaceful, stress free run up to Christmas.

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