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Reiki, Pure and Simple

I am absolutely thrilled to be getting back to seeing new and regular clients for Reiki and my other treatments.

The benefits of Reiki on the body are amazing even though really subtle, as all the hard work is being done on the inside.

Energy, or life force however you would like to describe it is transmitted through me from source to my client, this will then go to where it is most needed be it on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. It is such a beautifully powerful but totally calm and gentle treatment.

I feel so privileged to share this experience with so many clients, to see the subtle shift in their energy body which you can not only see with your own eyes but it is a palpable feeling of euphoria, albleit this is subtle but the shift nevertheless is breathtaking.

It is not life changing in the way we think about life but from within it is the reconnection with our energy source which breaths new life into our often tired, stressed, anxious and sometimes exhausted bodies, energy that transforms us on all levels of our being.

One session for some will be enough to start them on their journey back to feeling balanced, positive, enlivened and even joyous as it is so uplifting. You can then decide whether further sessions are required to retain your equilibrium and move forward in your own very personal path to happiness and joy.

Thank you to all those wonderfully brave and proactive souls who seek to find peace and calm in this frantically fast paced world. It is an honour to be part of your journey 🥰

Love and light

Sharon 🙏

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