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Solid bar of Organic soap

made with SLS/SLES FREE Soap

Organic Essential Oils: Lavender

Organic Honey

Organic Oats


For face and Body use only

if for any reason you have an adverse reaction to this product please stop using at once and seek medical advice.


4. Calming

White: White
  • A gentle scented organic soap with honey, oats and lavender to soothe, exfoliate and nourish your body.

    Lavender Properties:

    A gentle, calming, herbaceous floral scent, soothing on the skin . Induces a relaxed state both physically and mentally.  Has a tonic and sedative action on the heart. It is also anti- inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic.

    Chamomile Properties:

    Another gentle oil with anti-inflammatory, skin conditioning benefits. Great for any skin condition but particularly good for dry and sensitive skin. Chamomile helps with insomnia and naturally relaxes the body.


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