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Double layered solid soap with a heavenly blend of Rose Absolute, Geranium Rose & Lemon Essential Oils
Rose Absolute Properties:

A beautifully floral and sweet aroma that is intoxicating and highly romantic. It helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties that create a sense of wellbeing and self confidence. It is perfect for dry or aging skin.
Geranium Rose Properties:

Uplifting with a floral aroma that is extremely pretty, again it is balancing, calming and very peaceful. It helps to maintain beautiful skin. Also helps in managing mood swings.
Lemon Properties:

Bright, zesty, refreshing and cool for the skin. Happy and uplifting aroma which can increase alertness and concentration whilst promoting a positive outlook. It has a powerhouse of antioxidants which prevents premature aging.

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  • Split Soap with half clear SLS/SLES free soap and half with white SLS/SLES soap.

    Solid Soap

    Approx 140g

    This product has been CPSR tested  but If for any reason you do have any reaction to this product please stop using at once and seek medical attention.

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