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Two Soap options available:

Goats Milk Soap

African Black Soap


Masculine blend of Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Bergamot with a touch of Cinnamon. Essential Oils


Sandalwood Properties:

has a rich, sweet, warm and woody aroma that is sensual and romantic. Strong aphrodisiac, Very uplifting and relaxing. It is valued in skincare for its moisturising and normalising properties.


Lemongrass Properties:

Has a light, fresh lemony aroma with earthy undertones. Known to have skin healing properties, it is a natural deodoriser and cleaner and has been known to relieve pain and tension as it has powerful anti-inflammatory abilities.


Bergamot Properties:

Widely known for ts wonderfully vibrant citrusy and floral aroma that helps uplift the mind and ease your worries especially during times of sadness and grief. Also known to ease tight muscles and helps balance oily skin.

9. Sexy Man Soap

  • A sensually aromatic solid soap

    Two options of soap:

    African Black or Goats Milk

    Approx 140g 

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