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Our Furry or not so furry friends

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Reiki for Pets

Coming from a household with three beautiful cats, it would be more if my Partner got his way, but 3 I feel is more than enough for one household especially when I have my eye on a little Dachshund.

I feel this may be a little way off in the future as Bandit, Belle and Betsy might give the poor puppy a dogs life, excuse the pun! I’m sure I will eventually make my dream come true.

Animals are particularly receptive to Reiki, if I am in the house on my own with no cat in sight as soon as I start giving myself Reiki I can guarantee two of the three cats will appear out of nowhere. Belle my half Bengal absolutely laps up Reiki she will roll around and brush herself into me telling me not so politely not to stop. Then just as quick she will settle down and go to sleep.

When giving animals reiki you must always respect their boundaries just as you would with adults. I remember giving reiki to one of my friends dogs who was in a bad way after swallowing a sock, something I understand she was quite partial to. She was a hectic collie and even though she was unwell she got over excited as soon as I knocked on the door.

Once inside she sauntered over to me sat down and then charged off, only to repeat the whole process numerous times, once she had enough she bounded off to see what else was going on. Animals know when they have had enough, no thanks but a lovely shake of the tail as they wander off to have a little nap as this Reiki is exhausting....

My mum had three dogs who were all getting old and after two passed away they were left with a very unhappy and sad highland terrier, lonely for her departed pals. Everytime I visit she always sits by my feet and I will give her some Reiki while she sits beside me, it definitely helps as she struts off like a little old lady to have a rest as this is such a hard life..

in conclusion, if you have a beloved pet who you feel I can help please get in contact, they may be old or poorly or just a little depressed, they are no different to us really are they?

Enjoy your day and look after your furry friends xxx


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